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Well baby, it seems that my photos weren't enough for you and I totally
understand that you may need two free hands to really
enjoy the entertainment, so take a peek at these short snippets of
the nearly 300 video clips that I have waiting for you as a
bona-fide member of my gentleman's club.

It wasn't until just a few years ago that I was made aware of the fact that some guys are absolutely fascinated by a woman's pretty feet. Wrinkled soles, shapely toes and a beautifully high arch can bring out the beast in some of you and I'd love to help with that task.
Let me imagine you sitting right here in front of me with a raging hard on and you're just dying to have me wrap my soft soles around your cock. As I slowly move my peds up and down your stiff shaft, I catch a glimpse of a tiny bit of love juice on your tip and I take my cue to bring you to a mind blowing "O". Let me take your load between my toes and then slowly lick and swallow every bit of it!
The art of the tease is one thing that every woman should learn and perfect in order to keep her man happy. It's certainly not a natural thing for most, but something that can be learned through experience, experimentation and a little bit of aggression. I love to take the upper hand when I make love and give my man what I think he craves.
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